RB Targets for the Chargers

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With Woodhead gone for the season, the Chargers are now in the market for a running back that can spell Melvin Gordon on carries and still be just as effective. Below are the best options for the Chargers to either sign or trade for.

​Ronnie Hillman

​Hillman first burst onto the sign as a star playing for San Diego State. He has ties to San Diego and Qualcomm Stadium. He also has a similar skill set to what Danny Woodhead offered. He's a runner with great speed and elusiveness that also has reliable hands. He also is still young, allowing for upside in the future. He would be an ideal fit as a change of pace back to the bigger and more powerful Melvin Gordon and Andre Williams. The Chargers can sign him for pretty cheap and would also have a hometown kid that the fans can connect to.

​CJ Spiller

​Spiller was once a first round pick that was seen as a dynamic threat all over the field. He has had trouble with I juries, but has the perfect skill set to dominate in the Chargers rotation. He is incredibly elusive and has very good hands. He fits the same role that Woodhead filled and will be looking to prove himself after doing nothing with the Saints.

Donald Brown

​Brown knows the system that the Chargers run after spending the las two seasons there. He also is a home run hitter that can break any play wide open. With his knowledge of the playbook he can fit right into the rotation. He did struggle in San Diego though, which will make the Chargers wary of signing him.

Kenjon Barner

​Barner has shown electric ability with the Eagles, but is buried on a full depth chart. The Chargers can most likely get him for a 4th or fifth round pick. This would be a steal since he is just like Woodhead, but with game breaking speed. He would be the perfect compliment to Gordon and Williams.

Benjamin Cunningham 

​Cunningham is a very underrated running back that has solid hands and is a decent runner. The Chargers could probably steal him wit a 5th or 6th round pick and get a solid back that can fit right into the passing game and offer some help.