The Chargers Have Their New Bowling Ball

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers have struggled at the fullback position since losing Mike Tolbert in free agency. They have looked for a fullback that is versatile to be able to attack from everywhere. Tolbert could run the ball, catch the ball, and block for the running back. The Chargers have tried to replace him since that loss but have not found the right athlete to fill that void.

Now it seems they have the replacement in Derek Watt out of Wisconsin. Watt already has the chemistry with Melvin Gordon after blocking for him in college. He also has displayed solid hands throughout college and rookie minicamp. He has shown the ability to split out wide and also be a weapon out of the backfield. He shows very good hands after also playing some tight end at Wisconsin. 

Watt should get plenty of playing time with the return of Ken Wisenhunt. He used more I formations when he was last in San Diego. He is dedicated to the run and also loves using backs as weapons. Watt will fit right in as he can carry the ball as a weapon as well as leak out and catch the ball. He is looking great in the backfield so far and Ken Wisenhunt most likely has some options for him in the backfield to have him shine. He also was drafted to the quarterback that is most known for using running backs as weapons and getting yards out of the backfield. He has a bright future after being drafted by the perfect team for him.