Should the Broncos Trade for Sam Bradford?

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

With the Eagles moving up to number two in the draft, Sam Bradford is looking for a way out. It has been reported that he would even be willing to take a pay cut to facilitate a trade. The Broncos meanwhike have lost out on the Colin Kaepernick sweepstakes as he refuses to take a pay cut. This brings up a whole new question. Should the Broncos trade for Bradford? 

Sam Bradford has all the talent needed to be am elite quarterback. That is why he was drafted number one overall as a rookie. But injuries have altered the path of his career and he's looking to pick up the pieces. 

Bradford needs to play in a scheme where he can play behind a solid offensive line and take advantage of the play action. He should fit right into Gary Kubiak's zone running offense. He is able to take care of the ball and is precise at throwing the short routes. He would be perfect to get the Broncos back to the Super Bowl.

Bradford is also still young at 28. If given the opportunity, he can lead a team into the playoffs. On the Broncos he would have plenty of weapons and they could use the draft to build even more around him.

Now comes the question of what they would have to pay to get Bradford. The bright side is that he isn't worth a ton on the market. He's a solid quarterback with no proven record and a history of injuries. This could help the Broncos as they could grab him at a steal. 

With the signing of Chase Daniels this offseason the Eagles do not necessarily need Bradford and will not ask for a ton to let his paycheck off the roster. But they still could use a pick or two since they gave up so much for the 2nd overall pick. I can see the Broncos trading a 4th this year and a 5th next year to get Bradford. This gives the Eagles two extra picks to use after losing so much and it fits right in with his stock.

This trade would do both teams good as it will free up some cap space for the Eagles and it can give the Broncos a potential franchise quarterback to lead them for the next 5 years. It also allows the Eagles to finally completely move on from the Chip Kelly Era which they seem to be desperate to do.