Draft Prospect Profile: QB Carson Wentz, North Dakota State

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Measurables: 6' 5" 237 lbs 

Stats: 1651 yds, 17 TDs, 4 INTS 


Wentz has a great arm that can take over a game. He can stretch the field very well and can hit any through on the field. He also has good mobility to extend plays and even pick up chunks of yardage. Wentz has had great production at the FCS level and is a winner as he played for the FCS powerhouse of North Dakota State. This winning mentality would be great for any team that is stuck in a rut of losing. Also is a great leader as he is followed by his teammates on the field and runs the offense well.


Wentz did not play against elite talent at the FCS level. It will be quite a jump for him as he will be playing against athletes that are a lot bigger, stronger, and faster. It will be a hard transition as he gets used to the speed and instincts of NFL defenses. Also is not very well known. Is not a well known commodity which brings a level of risk to him. No one knows how he will be able to adjust to the NFL as there is not as much tape on him.

Pro Comparison: Andrew Luck

Projected Pick: Top-2