Is Peyton Manning's Legacy Tarnished Now?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

After a scandalous report from Peyton Manning's college days has come out, is Peyton's Legacy tarnished? A report surfaced yesterday of Manning showing himself to a personal trainer at the University of Tennessee in his college days. In turn she settled for a $300,000 payout and it was swept under the rug. Now 20 something years later the report has resurfaced as Manning comes off perhaps his last game.

So what will Manning be remembered for? Will this overshadow his amazing career as it has others, or will this be like Kobe Bryant and he will be remembered for being one of the greatest to ever play while bringing championships to two cities? Most likely, this will all blow over as it took place many years ago. Unless another, more horrible act comes out, then he will be fine. But that says a lot as any other player would be being crucified in the public.

Manning buried all of his demons most likely when he won his econd ring and therefore will not be held to the standards of most other players in his place. Because Manning has never been one to get in the headlines for the wrong reasons, many fans are already lashing out at Manning and saying horrible things. Manning will most likely be fine as he already addressed this in a book he wrote last decade. And this might be why this story has not blown up more, as he has moved on from it and so far has not shown the need to do things like that since then. So Manning will move on as a champion and this will merely be a tiny blip on the radar as people look back on the great achievemnts he gave the public. But we still must remember that what Manning did was wrong and that he should not be held above others in these allegations as what he did was still wrong and should be seen as such.