NFL Free Agent Spotlight: Matt Forte

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports
Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Forte's time in Chicago has officially ended at the feared age of 30. 30 is the age that serves as the dropoff of most backs as they begin to struggle after that age. Now Forte must find a team willing to give him one more payday before the end of his career. It should not be hard though, after he carried every aspect of the Bears offense for his entire career. Forte is a great receiver and a great zone runner. He runs with power and great vision. He will fit well with teams that run a zone scheme and that rely on their back as a receiver. Forte showed last year that he has plenty left in the tank as he ran for 898 yards and 4 touchdowns while pulling in 44 catches for 389 yards and 3 touchdowns. All of that was in just 13 games and quite a few of which he shared the workload with Jeremy Langford. 

The first fit for Forte is the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys need a premier back that can run their zone scheme and take pressure off of Tony Romo. Forte can do that in every facet of the game. He can run the ball, protect in pass sets, and also is a very good receiver. Behind the Great Wall of Dallas, Forte will be even better than in Chicago and might have a career year. This would be a great fit and might help get the Cowboys over the hump.

The second fit would be the New York Jets. Chris Ivory had a great year last year but broke down down the stretch. They need a better runner that can carry a team but also that can catch and help the passing game. Forte would be an immediate upgrade and would allow them a chance to finish stronger and get into the playoffs and contend for a championship alongside that beastly defense.

The third fit would be the Houston Texans. The Texans have a devastating defense but they need a more consistent offense. Arian Foster has been great but has never really been able to stay on the field. Forte has been good at staying healthy and fits well into the zone run system. Signing Forte will leave the Texans being able to concentrate on a quarterback in the draft and loading up on talent. Signing Forte would allow them to actually contend in the playoffs and help get them over the hump.