Yet Another Heisman Tragedy: The Fall of Johnny Football

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of people saw an ending similar to this when they envisioned Johnny Manziel's future in the NFL. But non saw it coming so quickly. Many thought that his talent would keep him afloat for at least a few years longer in the league before every team decided that he wasn't worth the headache. But Johnny always likes to exceed expectations in the wrong way. 

It wasn't long ago, that he was exceeding expectations in all the right ways as he ran circles around defenses on his way to a Heisman Trophy in his Freshman season. That year he put Texas A&M back on the map with 3706 passing yards, 26 passing touchdowns, 9 interceptions, 1410 rushing yards, and 21 rushing touchdowns. Everyone fell in love with his dual threat ability and his ability to make something out of nothing with his legs as he became the first freshman to ever receive the Heisman. Rumors already started to emerge of his partying after the Heisman. Then came him getting kicked out of the Manning Quarterback Camp when he skipped a day to party. This was followed by the autograph scandal that would shadow him throughout the offseason.

After being suspended for the first half of the first game for the autograph scandal, Manziel began his last season at College Station with an attitude, flashing his money sign after every touchdown or big play. He partied and didn't care what people thought as he launched each pass with more attitude and he developed a swagger. His numbers improved through the air, which caused his numbers to drop on the ground because he was spending more time in the pocket. He made everyone see Mike Evans for the talent that he was as they hooked up many times over the season on huge plays. 

Finally, came the much anticipated draft process. Manziel was plagued by rumors of partying and by scouts saying he did not have the size or strength to play in the NFL. Manziel made headlines with his workout as he blasted music and wore his shoulder pads and helmet in front of an audience that included George W. Bush. This only fueled the hate for Johnny as a selfish player and someone that was more trouble than he was worth for a team. Yet, the Browns still drafted him with the 22nd pick with hopes that a year on the bench would serve him well to learn how to be a professional.

Surprise, Surprise, this did not work as he was spotted in Vegas with a rolled up bill not long after. Teammates on the Browns spoke out against him as not being professional and being selfish. He continued his college ways even on the bench as he partied too much and studied too little. He was beginning to spiral into alcohol and drugs as everyone began to see the reincarnation of Ryan Leaf coming into view. But, Manziel finally got his chance towards the end of the season against the Bengals as Brian Hoyer got hurt. The sight was not pretty as he was pummeled and played worse than any backup since Curtis Painter. He was leveled by a linebacker and his season was over in a flash as he suffered a concussion.

Over the offseason, the media continued to hate on Manziel as replays were seen all over the media of his miserable performance against the Bengals. But then, it seemed like a ray of light appeared as Manziel entered rehab. He seemed to finally be turning around. He stayed there before camp and showed up as what seemed to be a changed man. All of his teammates spoke about how he was more professional and was finally seeming to take the game seriously. He showed some promise in te preseason before losing the job to Josh McCown. But he was doing well and progressing finally. No headlines about partying. 

He finally got his chance as the losses began to pile up before McCown and as McCown suffered a concussion Manziel took the field. He was calm and collected and led a balanced offense. He shocked many as we began to see the talent that won him the Heisman. You could see the passion in a loss to the Bengals as he screamed F--K!! when he ran out of time. Then the passion h=cam e again as he slammed a tablet against his head in frustration after an interception. Johnny finally seemed to care.

But then the rumors popped up again as he was seen partying in disguise in Vegas the day before practice. It blew up on the media as everyone began to turn on Johnny. Suddenly he was suffering from an injury and was seen as inactive. Then came another party followed be skipping an appointment with the team doctors. Johnny was beginning to tumble again. But this ti e the tumbling would not stop. Next there was a call  to 911 as he was fighting his girlfriend and supposedly threatening to hit her. After last offseason's debacle this just made him look worse. The partying continued still.

Now we arrive at this week as Johnny seems to have completely burned his bridges with every part of the NFL. He was accused of dragging his girlfriend into the car by her hair and threatening to kill them both by crashing the car. She accused him of being on drugs which only makes matters worse for Manziel. This is followed by Paul Manziel (Johnny's Father) coming out and saying that he is worried his son won't make it to the age of 24. Then the Browns come out and say that they have not heard from Johnny and are worried about him as a person. It is easy to see that Johnny most likely will never see a field as a player again as his predicament is much worse than the much more talented Justin Blackmon who still has not played in the NFL since his rookie season. 

So farewell Johnny Manziel and thanks for the electrifying plays. But there is no room in the NFL fr someone like you that shows no respect to his teammates or the game as you seem more interested in partying than playing football.