Justin Tuck Announces Retirement

Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Another great player has decided to retire from the NFL today. 2 time Pro Bowler Justin Tuck has announced that he is retiring. He may nothave the big name of some of the other playersin the league, but he has a had a very good career piling up 66 sacks and winning two Super Bowls. He also is the only player to have multiple sacks in two different Super Bowls. He was also part of the famous pass rushing fronts of the Giants when they made it to those Super Bowls. 

Tuck may not be a Hall of Famer, but he was a beloved player that had a long a prosperous career that netted him 2 Super Bowls and 2 Pro Bowls. Perhaps the thing that Tuck will be remembered for most, is how he showed up in big games. Tuck always saved his best for the biggest games. This can be seen from the two Super Bowls he played in. In both of those games, he was a monster that was constantly in Tom Brady's face and left his mark in both of those games. This is most likely why he is such a big name player despite only having 66 sacks compared to players like John Abraham that had more sacks but was less well known because he had less huge performances on an international stage. Many fans will miss him and I wish him the best of luck in his endeavors into the future. Now lets enjoy one more look at the career of Justin Tuck