NFL Draft Spotlight: Dallas Cowboys

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Mock Draft

RD 1 Pick 4: DE Joey Bosa, Ohio State

RD 2 Pick 3: HB Derrick Henry, Alabama

RD 3 Pick 4: CB Cyrus Jones, Alabama

Draft Analysis

The Cowboys suffered through an injury riddled season that was disappointing in just about every aspect. Now they must continue to add playmakers on the defensive side of the ball as the offense has all of its pieces returning healthy. If Joey Bosa slides to this pick in the draft, the Cowboys should pounce on him. He is by far the best playmaker on the defensive side of the ball and would be a key piece in upgrading the pass rush. Demarcus Lawrence has started to catch fire, and would fit naturally across from Bosa. Add in Randy Gregory to the rotation and the Cowboys will finally have a pass rush to instill fear in opposing quarterbacks. If Bosa doesn't fall hear, then the Cowboys could still add a playmaker on defense with Myles Jack.

In the second round, the Cowboys could solve one of the few problems on offense by grabbing a big and strong back to replace Demarco Murray. Behind the famous offensive line of the Cowboys, Henry will excel and could become a perennial Pro Bowler. The Cowboys run a similar scheme to Alabama, and could use a big power back to run over defenses to take the pressure off of Tony Romo. Henry has also said he would like to play for the Cowboys.  With the tendency of Jerry Jones to pick superstars from college, Henry and the Cowboys seem like a dream fit.

In the third round they will look back to the defensive side of the ball to help an ailing secondary. After selecting Byron Jones in the first round last year, they can add a solid nickel back to replace the underwhelming Morris Claiborne. Cyrus Jones will bring a hard nosed mentality to the secondary and will fit in great with the defensive scheme of the Cowboys. He is great at press coverage in the zone scheme. This is exactly what the Cowboys run and will allow him to excel i their scheme as he learns from Brandon Carr and Orlando Scandrick who have carved very solid careers in this defense.