Cam Newton: The Allen Iverson of Football

Cam Newton is setting a new standard at the quarterback position this season. No quarterback before him has done what he is doing in the way that he has done it. Cam Newton is bringing the fun-loving, arrogant persona to the quarterback position. And I mean arrogant in a good way as he is confident that he will succeed. The last person to transform the view of a sport or position this way was the great Allen Iverson. Cam Newton and Allen Iverson have changed their leagues in very similar ways. Both brought the hip hop and fun loving way of life to the spot light and are being shredded in the media for it.

In the !990's Iverson was exploding onto the seen as a playmaker in the NBA. But the biggest headlines came from his behavior and the type of persona he brought to the court. He brought hiphop to the sport and found a match made in heaven. Yes, many players already listened to it and hung out with the artists, but he was a big enough face on a big enough stage to explode it on a scene for the world to see. He was called arrogant and selfish by the media as he showboated around. But that was just AI being AI. He was stil a playmaker and still helped his team win.

Now, enter Newton. He is taking the league by storm in almost the same exact way as AI did just a decade or two ago. He is a loose, showboating player that is dominating the competition in a way that has never been scene before. He waltz's into the endzone and puts on a show to demoralize the defenses. He dances and then goes to give a ball to the kids. Now that he has carried his team to the Super Bowl, the hate on Cam Newton has continued to grow and is just like what Allen Iverson had to go through. Continually being called selfish and arrogant and a bad influence on fans. When really, Newton has worked tirelessly to become a better quarterback and continues to help in the community to feed hundreds of families. 

Some may say this has to do with race because Cam is black. But, I think it has more to do with the culture that he brings to the position like how AI did. Basketball had plenty of black players at the very same position that had dominated. But none had showed up to press conferences in baggy "thug" clothes and showboated the way that he did on that big of a stage. So America was taken by surprise and lashed out at the change in the mold of the player. Now they are doing the very same as Cam introduces a new culture to the quarterback position. Many black players have played the position, but no one has played the way that Cam does with the pure physical domination, followed by the dancing in the face of the defense as a way of throwing salt in the wound of the defense. 

For all of the people that are hating on Cam, there is only one message. He is here to stay and he is helping a new breed of quarterback get a chance to play. So, look beyond the dancing just like you do with players like Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin and see the hard working and generous player that is taking the league and the world by storm. Also, for the defense, if you don't like the dancing then don't give him a reason to dance.