NFL Draft Spotlight: Tennessee Titans

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Mock Draft

RD 1 Pick 1: LT Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss

RD 2 Pick 2: RB Ezekial Elliot, Ohio St.

RD 3 Pick 1: DE Carl Nassib, Clemson

Draft Analysis

The Titans are trending upwards as the pieces from last years' draft have become playmakers. Marcus Mariota looks to be the Franchise Quarterback that the Titans need. Now they will have the number one pick to build on the talent they have already injected into this team. The Titans could easily trade out of the number one spot to load up on picks. There are plenty of talented linemen in the first round and they could easily trade down to load up on later picks too. But with this mock draft they grab a tackle with the ability to solidify both sides of the offensive line. Bringing in  Tunsil will allow Taylor Lewan to slide to right tackle where his power is a better fit. This will help the offensive line that ranked in the bottom three of the league in sacks allowed. This will keep Mariota healthy and allow for the run game to improve.

Also in trying to improve the run game, they should grab Ezekial Elliot if he falls to their second round pick. He will be a an immediate and vast upgrade over any back in the Titans unit. He will be able to take the pressure off of Mariota. Elliot displays great vision and power/ speed ratio. He uses this to gash defenses for large gains and punish defenders at the end of runs. Elliot also displays great hands and will be able to be an extra weapon out of the backfield on passing downs. 

In the third round the Titans will need to bolster there defense. With new defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau, the Titans will most likely switch to a zone blitz scheme that will need versatile defenders. Dodd has the size to hold his own opposite of Jurrel Casey on the line but also has the speed and versatility to drop into coverage when asked. It may take a season or two to see him fully take form, but he can become a formidable pass rusher and key piece in this defense. He reminds me of a faster and more athletic Brett Kiesel. His toughness will help this defense to stop every aspect of the offense.