The Evolution of Superman: Cam Newton

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton has lit the NFL on fire this year with his dabbing and big childish grin. Along that ride has come plenty of hate and trash talk. Plenty of people have said that he is too brash and arrogant. That he sets a bad example for the kids. Newton has danced his way through the best season of his career, and very few people have taken the time to notice just how great of a season this has been for Newton. Newton has eye popping numbers if you look at the right ones, but he is being judged because of how he has accomplished this amazing season. Newton is being judged so harshly because the way he is accomplishing this season is completely different from anything the league has seen before.

Cam Newton's Superhuman Season



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No quarterback has ever existed in this league with the size, strength,  speed, and pure talent. That is why we should come to appreciate just what Newton has done this season. Not only did his top receiver miss every game with a torn ACL, the Panthers refused to give him another option. Newton has put this entire team onto his back and carried them to the Super Bowl on his shoulders. Newton is not seen as an elite quarterback still after being surrounded by the least offensive talent in the league, while making a Super Bowl run. Steve Young, Joe Montana, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Terry Bradshaw, and most others got there with a team loaded with weapons.  Not to say that Newton has proved to be on the same level as the formerly named players, but he has carried a talent deficient offense through the season whether it be running or passing. He possesses the rare ability to make the players around him better than they have ever been.

The best example of this ability is the resurgence of Ted Ginn Jr.  Ginn Jr. has spent most of his career as a kick returner and punt returner. Newton has helped to turn him into a deadly deep threat with his ability to heave it down field and put it right in the center of his hands sixty years down field. Yet, this season cannot be fully appreciated without looking at the past few seasons for Newton.

Over the past three seasons, Newton has steadily been trash talked. He has been called everything from a crybaby to selfish. Some of that may have been how he was perceived, but Newton has always been a team player with a great work ethic. He has steadily progressed through his seasons into more of a pocket quarterback that has the ability to run.

Lastly, the the part that makes him Superman for real is how survives the beating he takes. The thing that causes the running quarterbacks to flame out, is that they cannot stay healthy enough to stay at the top of their game. Newton took the most savage beating a quarterback has taken besides David Carr last season and continued to get back up. He took sack after sack, hit after hit until he could barely walk and continued to play. The worst display was evident in Newton's fight against the  Eagles last season where he was sacked eight times.

Newton is the best athlete to ever play the position. He also has the potential to be the best to ever play the position even if it is in a different way than other older quarterbacks. That is why he is Superman.