NFL Draft Spotlight: Cleveland Browns

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Mock Draft

RD1 Pick 2: QB Jared Goff, Cal

RD 2 Pick 1: OLB Jordan Jenkins, Georgia

RD 3 Pick 2: WR Tyler Boyd, Pitt

Draft Analysis

The Browns finally seem to be back on track with the hiring of Hue Jackson. Jackson brings a no nonsense mentality to the team that will help to take away all of the nonsense that has been there for years. It can be assumed that Jackson will bring the offense that he ran in Cinncinatti to Cleveland. This offense involves setting a tempo wit the run game while taking shots down field. It also involves a lot of crossing patterns to get receivers open. With the no nonsense of Jackson, maybe Josh Gordon can turn his life around and continue to be one of the league's best. 

Jackson will also use Gary Barnidge to the height of his capabilities. This combined with Gordon's vertical ability will make it easier on whoever plays quarterback next year. While we are talking about the quarterback position we might as well talk about Jared Goff. Goff is mostly likely the pick at quarterback at this point. The Browns need to escape quarterback purgatory and grab a quarterback with the potential to guide them to the playoffs. Goff has a very similar skill set to Andy Dalton. He has great deep accuracy, along with the ability to make quick reads and find the open man. He also has good mobility to extend plays and has the leadership qualities that the Browns have lacked in the past. Bringing in Goff will help the Browns to have a leader and a star all i one. Goff will give the Browns a legitimate threat at QB and will give Jackson the person he needs under center to run his offense in the most efficient way.

Jackson also will have to look to bolster the defensive pass rush in this draft. Barkevious Mingo and Paul Kruger have been decent but not good enough to avoid being replaced. The Browns will most likely let Kruger go if they believe they can grab a playmaker for much cheaper like Jordan Jenkins. With Ray Horton coming back to Cleveland as the Defensive Coordinator, He will look for versatile playmakers to play in his multi-front defense. Jenkins can strike from anywhere on the field, and plays with a fire and passion that will light a fire under the entire defense. Jenkins brings speed and power to a defense that looked very sluggish and under performed all year.

In the third round the Browns will be able to grab a running mate to play alongside Travis Benjamin and Josh Gordon. They can look to grab a serious threat on the outside in Tyler Boyd. Boyd can be the strong and physical receiver to compliment the speed of Josh Gordon and Travis Benjamin. Boyd is Larry Fitzgerald 2.0. He has strong hands and the ability to win jump balls on a regular basis. He runs smooth routes and has the power to beat out any corner in the league with his strong hands.