Championship Week NFL Mock Draft

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1. Tennessee Titans: OT Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss

Now that the Titans have decided to keep Mike Mularkey. They have to decide how to move forward with the draft. The smartest move to make is to protect the future of their franchise, Marcus Mariota. Mariota got destroyed by defenses last year as the Titans ranked in the bottom three in sacks allowed. After seeing Mariota get hurt the Titans should be motivated to take a big and athletic tackle like Laremy Tunsil. This will allow Taylor Lewan to move to the right side where he fits better and will solidify both ends of the offensive line. Tunsil has flexible hips to keep up with pass rushers, as well as strong hands to drive defenders on run plays.

2. Cleveland Browns: QB Jared Goff, Cal

Hue Jackson is going to look to move forward from Johnny Manziel this offseason with the pick of a solid passer that can lead the Browns' offense and be a leader for the whole team. Jared Goff has similar skills top Andy Dalton, who Jackson turned into a winner in Cincinnati. Goff has great accuracy on short and intermediate routes. He also has solid mobility to move around the pocket and move the chains. This pick will allow the Browns to finally escape quarterback purgatory.

3. San Diego Chargers: DT DeForest Buckner, Oregon

The Chargers have many needs and could easily take Ronnie Stanley right here also. But they have ignored the problems they have along the defensive line for too long and need to finally fill them. Joey Bosy could be the pick here, but Buckner has the perfect size to be a five technique defensive tackle in the Chargers' three man front. Buckner will bring a pass rushing presence to the defense that the Chargers have not had since Shawn Merriman. He can also play all over the defensive line and give the Chargers some versatility.

4. Dallas Cowboys: DE Joey Bosa, Ohio State

The Cowboys should draft a quarterback here to prepare for the post-Romo era. But Jerry Jones refuses to give up on the here and now, so they will choose to add a paymaker on the defensive side of the ball. Joey Bosa will give the Cowboys a pass rushing presence as well as bringing the ability to stuff the run. He will help open up rushing lanes for Demarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory. 

5. Jacksonville Jaguars: CB/S Jalen Ramsey, Florida State

The Jaguars' offense took some tremendous leaps this season with the coming out party of Allen Robinson. Now Gus Bradley needs to continue bringing in blue chip athletes on the defensive side of the ball. They were regularly beat on the deep ball and should look to bring in a versatile athlete that can lock down one side of the field. Ramsey will give this quality to the Jaguars' defense with his smooth technique and solid instincts.

6. Baltimore Ravens: CB Vernon Hargreaves, Florida

The Ravens have been looking to add pieces to an aging defense for the past few years. Now they must turn to their secondary again as they have only one good corner in Jimmy Smith. Now they must give Smith a running mate and help their pass rush by locking down multiple receivers. Hargreaves gives the Ravens an athletic ballhawk that will allow them to shut down offense like the Steelers and Bengals.

7. San Francisco 49ers: LB Myles Jack, UCLA

With the hiring of Chip Kelly, Colin Kapernick seems to be safe as the quarterback for the foreseeable future. Now they must restock the defense that was devastated by early retirements and free agency last offseason. By adding another athletic backer in Myles Jack, the defense will have two great athletes at the linebacker position to help shut down the run and pass. Jack will be able to take pressure off of Bowman and give the defense another playmaker. This pick could easily be Ramsey or Hargreaves if they slip to this pick.

8. Miami Dolphins: DE Shaq Laqwson, Clemson

The Dolphins had a disappointing season on both sides of the ball. But Adam Gase should help the offense to get better. Now they have to find a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball. With the aging Cameron Wake recovering from a torn Achilles and Dion Jordan continuing to disappoint, the Dolphins will look for a pass rusher to boost the defense. Shaq Lawson will bring speed and strength to the defense while inducing fear in the opposing offenses.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB Mackenzie Alexander, Clemson

The Bucs have been trying to revamp the defense for a few years but continue to struggle. With the offense being set up for the next couple of years, the defense will be built up with the addition of a corner. Alexander will bring a ballhawking mentality to the defense that has missed for a while. He also is not afraid to come up and hit the ball carrier. He will need to add some technique but that will come with coaching. For now his speed will allow him to keep up with receivers.

10. New York Giants: LB Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame

This pick could easily be a pass rusher if one of the elite ones slip to this pick. But with one of the big time playmakers still on the board, the Giants have to jump on him. With Jaylon Smith still on the board here, the Giants can bring in one of the most versatile playmakers in the draft. Smith brings tremendous coverage skills to the linebacker corps and shows the speed to fly around the field. He can play either outside linebacker position and will allow the defense plenty of flexibility to move him around to make plays all over the field.

11. Chicago Bears: NT Andrew Billings, Baylor

The Bears are still working to revamp the defense in the 3-4 scheme that they use. They have steadily brought in pieces but are missing a huge piece to the middle of the puzzle. Billings is a young player that has showcased all-pro potential as a superstar nose tackle. His power is smooth and goes with his speed to help him two gap offenses and wreak havoc in the backfield.

12. New Orleans Saints: CB Eli Apple, Ohio State

The Saints still are rebuilding the defense to the level that it was at in the Super Bowl. with several young players on defense they will continue to infuse youth in the defense. Eli Apple will bring a physicality to the defense that it needs. He is a solid tackler that also has the size and strength to matchup with bigger receivers. He will need to polish his technique to be less grabby. He is a lot like Trae Waynes was coming out of college.

13. Philadelphia Eagles: QB Paxton Lynch, Memphis

The Eagles suffered from inconsistent quarterback play last year. With Sam Bradford demanding the absurd amount of $25 million a year, the Eagles should look to upgrade the quarterback position. The Eagles could grab Lynch with this pick and get a quarterback that has a cannon and great movement. Although most dual threat quarterbacks do not pan out, Lynch is a different mode. Rather than bolting out of the pocket, Lynch only seeks to extend plays inside of the pocket. He is a lot like a more athletic Ben Roesthlisburger.

14. Oakland Raiders: DT Robert Nkemdiche, Ole Miss

The Raiders seem to finally be getting back on track. The offense is starting to develop and Khalil Mack is developing into a complete superstar. Now they have to add more star defenders. With no solid corners worth this pick, the Raiders will go for the potential in Robert Nkemdiche. Nkemdiche has the potential to dominate games at the defensive tackle position. If he can show the desire then this could be the steal of the draft. If anyone can get the fire under Nkemdiche, it is Jack Del Rio.

15. Los Angeles Rams: QB Carson Wentz, North Dakota State

The Rams still have one of the most fearsome defenses in the league. Now they have to rebuild. After they missed with the trade for Nick Foles, they will go after a quarterback. Wentz brings a strong mental side to the position. He still has to develop, but he has more mental progress already than most college quarterbacks. This will ease the development of him. He also has solid athleticism to go with great accuracy.

16. Detroit Lions: DT Jarran Reed, Alabama

The Lions are still trying to replace Ndomakang Suh and Nick Fairley. Now with this pick they will grab a young run stuffer to play alongside the aging Haloti Ngata. Reed has a great size speed combinatiion that will allow him to take pressure off of Ngata and Ansah. He can help revamp the front seven and allow the defense to be great again with his strength and size.

17. Atlanta Falcon: ILB Reggie Ragland, Alabama

The Falcons are still building on defense but seem to have most of their offense on track. So now they will look for a great leader for their defense. Ragland will bring a presence to this defense that will allow Coach Quinn to have more confidence in his defense. Ragland is an athletic thumper with a mean streak that will destroy ball carriers and that is still athletic enough to defend sideline to sideline.

18. Indianapolis Colts: T Ronnie Stanley, Notre Dame

The Colts need to find a way to protect Andrew Luck. Otherwise he will continue to get hurt and the offense will continue to sputter out. Stanley is a polished athlete that has good technique and knows how to use his length to keep away pass rushers. He needs more core strength but can get that with an NFL weight lifting program. Stanley can take over at right tackle and bookend the offensive line. Him and Costanzo will  be able to hold up the edges and take pressure off of Luck and give him time to get through his progressions.

19. Buffalo Bills: DE Kevin Dodd, Clemson

The Bills seem to be moving on from Mario Williams and will need to find a new pass rusher. Dodd will give Rex Ryan a tool to use with incredible drive and instincts to take over plays. With his size he can fit right in with Rex Ryan's scheme and will give them a pass rusher to replace Williams who seems to be ready to move on as well.

20. New York Jets: OLB Leonard Floyd, Georgia

The Jets had a very surprising season in which they exceeded all expectations. Now they need to find an athletic pass rusher to plug into Todd Bowles defense. Floyd brings incredible athleticism to the defense and is also able to cover. He fits right in to the zone blitz scheme that they run. Floyd will be a superstar in this defense and will be a great tool for Bowles.

21. Washington Redskins: DT A'Shawn Robinson, Alabama

The Redskins need to upgrade their run defense to be able to have another division champion season. They seem to be able to have the tools to succeed on offense but need to retool their defense. Robinson has great athleticism and has the potential to be great on the defensive line. He is a great run stopper but needs to work on his pass rushing skills and pad level to succeed in the NFL. This is the reason he falls this low in the draft.

22. Houston Texans: QB Christian Hackenberg, Penn State

Bill O'Brien somehow was able to compete this season with horrible quarterback play. Hackenberg has all of the traits to succeed in the NFL. He has to work on some of his reading defenses and turnover problems but he had his best season under O'Brien and fits his mold exactly. These two seem to be a dream pairing for the NFL. Hackenberg will allow the offense to stretch the field and take pressure off of whatever running back is carrying the ball.

23. Minnesota Vikings: WR Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss

It is completely surprising to see Treadwell fall this far but this is the first team that has receiver this high on their needs. Treadwell will give Bridgewater a legit number one receiver that can stretch the field as well as be a redzone target. Treadwell will give the Vikings the one thing they are missing, which is a threat on the outside that can win 50-50 balls and dominate a game. This pick will allow for Bridgewater to develop more in his third season into the quarterback they traded up to get.

24. Cincinnati Bengals: LB Scooby Wright, Arizona

The Bengals continue to strike out in the playoffs but are able to dominate in the season. They need to upgrade at the linebacker position as Rey Mauluga is a one dimensional linebacker. He is a limited run stuffer. Wright can cover and stuff the run. Wright is not super athletic but has incredible instincts that allow him to see where a play is going. He will be a great leader for this defense and could help get them over the hump.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers: CB Kendall Fuller, Virginia Tech

The Steelers need to upgrade in the secondary before the window closes for Big Ben. They usually like corners that are bigger, so they are a great match for Kendall Fuller. They also call a lot of zone coverage, which is Fuller's strong suit. Fuller is a great zone cover man that has the instincts to play the ball in the air. He is very aggressive with the ball in the air and takes a lot of chances for the pick. If he can learn to be more smart attacking the ball he can be a great corner for the Steelers.

26. Seattle Seahawks: OT Jack Conklin, Michigan State

The Seahawks need to start investing in the offensive line if they want to continue to succeed. With Marshawn Lynch seeming to be done in Seattle, they will turn to Thomas Rawls. Now they have to make sure they have the road pavers to create lanes for him. Conklin brings the meanness and toughness to be able to be plugged in at right tackle. His size and strength will be an immediate upgrade for the Seahawks.

27. Green Bay Packers: NT Austin Johnson, Penn State

The Packers need to find a nose tackle that can solidify the middle of their defense. With everyone coming back healthy on offense the defense needs to be able to take a step forward. Austin Johnson has great lower body strength to plug up the middle and stuff the run. He is able to  keep the linebackers clear and also beats blocks to wreak havoc in the backfield. This will help Clay Matthews to be able to read plays more easily and be able to reach the ball easier.

28. Kansas City Chiefs: WR Josh Doctson, TCU

The Chiefs offense continues to grow. However, the Chiefs need to add one more playmaker to keep teams away from Kelce and Maclin. Doctson will help to keep the defenses honest and has the ability to make short plays into big plays. This fits perfectly into Andy Reid's system and Alex Smith's skill set. This will allow the offense to be more dynamic and keep up with the defense.

29. Denver Broncos: OT Taylor Decker, Ohio State

The Broncos need to get better on the offensive line to continue to compete. No matter who is quarterback next year, they cannot continue to give up pressure like this. Decker will give them an immediate upgrade. He posses great length and has the size and strength to play at right tackle opposite of Ryan Clady. This will also help to get CJ Anderson back on track as with better blocking he will have more holes to choose from.

30. Arizona Cardinals: OLB Kyler Fackrell, Utah State

The Cardinals continue to get better and better from year to year. Now they have to try and get a legitimate pass rusher. Fackrell has the ability and length to get into the backfield and cause terror. He will need to develop a little bit after coming from a small school, but he has the potential to be a great pass rusher and possesses the ability to be great in coverage as well.

31. Carolina Panthers: DE Emmanuel Ogbah, Oklahoma State

The Panthers have struggled to generate a pass rush this year. Now they can get a solid pass rusher that resembles the best pass rusher on the roster right now. Just like Charles Johnson, Ogbah uses power to get into the backfield and put pressure on the quarterback. He is great against the run as he holds up his blocker and sheds for the tackle but needs to develop his pass rushing move. With this coaching staff, e can develop these moves and become a steal at this pick in the draft.