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Watson and Renfrow Combine for Best Play of the Century

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Clemson made history in multiple ways on Monday night as they broke every heart in the state of Alabama. This play will forever be remembered by both Clemson and Alabama fans as the biggest play possibly in history. With one second left the Tigers ripped the rug from under the cocky Crimson Tide defense and defeated Alabama for the first time since 1905. 

It all started as the Tigers took over with 2:07 left following an Alabama touchdown to take the lead back. They walked out to their own 32 and began a drive that will go down in history as they dink and dunked their way down the field against what many considered the best defense in college football history. Deshaun Watson looked like a seasoned NFL vet as he calmly guided the offense downfield. 

Fans began to feel the tide turning (no pun intended), when Watson hit Mike Williams for a 24 yard gain to get on the Alabama side of the field. Then the air began to leave the Alabama sideline as Watson hit John Leggett for 17 yards to get inside the Alabama 10. They could easily tie the game and try to win in overtime; but, Dabo Swinney and Watson had a different plan as they lined up to go for it all with one second left after a penalty on the Alabama Defense.

Everyone knew that the one person that should have the ball in his hands in this moment was Deshaun Watson. The only real question was whether or not he would be running or passing. They lined up in a spread set with Watson by himself in the backfield. He sent Gallman in motion and sprinted out to the right side. Artavis Scott ran a pick route and jammed up his man causing the man covering Hunter Renfrow to have to bubble around his own teammate and Scott. This left Renfrow wide open as Watson sprinted toward him and the sideline. This was exactly how they had drawn it up and all he had to do was make a good pass. He hit Renfrow who fell into the endzone and became the most famous player in Clemson history outside of Watson.

Clemson deserved this championship after having to build a solid team through recruiting and waiting for those players to rise up. Now they won in the best way possible: By making the most memorable play in history and making the best ending in college football history against the best college defense in history. Hollywood could not have written it better.

Congratulations Clemson and welcome to the big leagues.

Bosa Shows Promise in Debut

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The San Diego Chargers left Oakland on Sunday with a bitter taste in their mouth and plenty of disappointment. There were some bright spots though on that nice Sunday afternoon. The brightest might have been the debut of embattled defensive lineman, Joey Bosa. Bosa showed a of good things that make it look like the Chargers were right to pick him at number three in the draft.

VS Raiders


Tackles for Loss







Perhaps the most relevant thing that Bosa showed, was hustle. Every fan wants to see a player that gives hius all for his team. Bosa was flying all over the field as he wreaked havoc on the Raiders Offense. The two most obvious showcases were his first sack where he never gave up on the play and chased down Derek Carr; and a pass to the sideline where Bosa chased him down from behind. It was a small sample that did not allow him to get too tired, but he showed a tirless motor and hunger to get to where the ball is. The defense needs this attitude to finish plays and make big plays.

Backfield Presence

Bosa also lived in the backfield on Sunday. He had two sacks and three tackles for a loss. That is great, considering he was only on the field for 27 snaps. Bosa regularly was in the backfield and disrupting plays. He was also constantly putting pressure on Carr. He made backs make adjustments to escape in the backfield. The Chargers have missed a presence like this and this will open up lanes for linebackers and give them more time to penetrate to the ball as the backs make adjustments.

Overall, Bosa showed lots of promise in a small sample size. He also showed great poise after the game when answering interviews. If he continues to develop and keeps showing the motor we saw on Sunday, Bosa can be a stud for the Chargers. They might have a devensive stalwart in the category of Khalil Mack. Bosa can become a solid part of a young defensive corps alongside Denzel Perryman, Jason Verrett, and Manti Te'o. Bosa should have another good day heading into a matchup with the Denver Broncos, where he will have an opportunity to take advantage of a not so great offensive line.

Bolts Sign Woodhead Clone

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Aer losing fan favorite Danny Woodhead for the season, the Chargers were short-handed at the running back position. Tuesday they announced the signing of Dexter McCluster to help replace him.

McCluster was a star at Ole Miss before being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. He was seen as too small for the position at 5'9" and 170 pounds. He filled a role similar to Darren Sproles on the Saints as a third down back, receiver, and returner. In 2013 he made the Pro Bowl as a returner and was votes second team All-Pro. After four years he signed with the Titans in free agency and was featured in the same type of role while seeing a little more playing time

During his college and pro career, McCluster has shown excellent elusiveness and catching ability. He also will boost the return game as he did in Kansas City. He also has familiarity with Ken Wisenhunt after playing for him in his time in Tennessee. He will probably see a small role this week before sliding into the role that Woodhead filled. After learning the playbook he should be an excellent addition to the Charpers and should ease the pain of losing Woodhead.